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This is an index of Wikipedia articles I made for a website a while ago. It has links to all the "Mythologies" pages on Wikipedia, and all the categorization pages of the "gods by type". Definitely can be the start of an information / knowledge journey / session! Good luck!

List of mythologies

Myth is a folklore genre consisting of narratives that play a fundamental role in a society, such as foundational tales or origin myths. The main characters in myths are usually non-humans, such as gods, demigods, and other supernatural figures. However, others also include humans, animals, or combinations in their classificiation of myth. Stories of everyday human beings, although often of leaders of some type, are usually contained in legends, as opposed to myths. Myths are sometimes distinguished from legends in that myths deal with gods, usually have no historical basis, and are set in a world of the remote past, very different from that of the present.